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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Stand Up is a full length show similar to what we did on SIRIUSXM. We will talk about issues that matter to you, your health, the health of your family, community, country and planet. And we will laugh while we do it. I plan to try up load at least 3 shows a week. Mon, Weds and Friday and then move as fast as I can to be daily.

Jun 11, 2020

Today was my last day staying at my parents house in upstate NY so I asked my dad to join me at the top of today's episode to talk about how he is ending friendships with his racist friends. 

Next I called Wajahat Ali who is a lawyer a playwright, a NY Times op ed contributor as well as a CNN contributor and we talked about white supremacy in America and how we will defeat it for our kids and theirs. Watch his Ted Talk

Then I reached out to the Nation Magazine's Elie Mystal to discuss his latest articles and thought on the world as it stands today. 

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