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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

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Dec 26, 2022

Hello and Happy Taint Week! What is "Taint Week" you ask? Why it's the week between Christmas and New Years of course! 

I have a unique guest to kick off this "do nothing" week. She is doing a whole lot more than that on her Only Fans page and I think you are going to like this conversation with Jazmen Jafar!

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Jazman Jafar, is an Irianian immigrant who gave up her career as an attorney to sell nude images and videos on OnlyFans.

When Jazmen Jafar’s parents immigrated to the United States from Iran, they worked hard to provide her with the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. 

Jazmen’s parents encouraged her to pursue one of three professions her culture associated with success: an engineer, a doctor, or a lawyer. To please her parents, Jazmen decided to become a lawyer. After graduating with a 4.0 college GPA and passing her LSAT, she received a full-tuition scholarship to attend a top-tier law school. From there she went on to breeze through law school and the bar exam, passing on her first attempt.

However, while Jazmen was preparing to sit for the bar exam, she discovered OnlyFans and started having second thoughts about the future her parents had planned for her. 

While she initially started sharing nude photos online for a little extra cash, she never could have imagined that it would ever turn into a full-blown career.

Today, she is not only among OnlyFans’ top 0.1% creators, making exponentially more money than when she was an attorney, but she finally feels free.

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