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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Stand Up is a full length show featuring a comprehensive news recap and 2 guests almost everyday. We will talk about issues that matter to you, your health, the health of your family, community, country and planet. And we will try to laugh while we do it. The show posts Mon-Fri usually by 2am EST. Go to for more

Jan 27, 2020

Today's question is: What the hell do I need to know about Corona Virus??!!

I had a very informative talk with Dr Meghan May of the University of New England who told us everything we need to know at this point about the Corona Virus. That begins at 

Here is the go fund me link for Medical supplies for Wuhan that we discussed supporting 

I also welcomed my brother Brian who talked about democrats eating their own, Bernie Sanders and why Impeachment won't make much of a difference. Buy his book!

I shared an update on my own progress and talked a little about how the tragic death of Kobe Bryan and his daughter offers a perspective on the fragility of life.

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