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Dec 5, 2023

David Cay Johnston  books are as important to my understanding on American Tax Policy, economics and how our system is rigged by rich elites for rich elites as anything else I have read 

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David Cay Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and best-selling author.

The Washington Monthly called him as “one of America’s most important journalists.” The Portland Oregonian said his work equals the original muckrakers: Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair and Lincoln Steffens.

Johnston met Donald Trump in 1988 and in April 1990 revealed that Trump’s was no billionaire. When Trump announced his latest run for the White House in June 2015, Johnston was the only nationally-known journalist who immediately said Trump was serious this time and might get the GOP nomination. His reporting over the next year led to the Making of Donald Trump, published around the world in English and German on August 2, 2016, by Melville House.

The San Jose Mercury recruited Johnston when he was just 18 years old because of his reporting for two small weekly newspapers in Santa Cruz, Calif. At age 19 The Mercury hired him as a staff writer. Within weeks his byline made the front page.

Over the next four decades his award-winning investigations appeared in that paper, the Detroit Free PressLos Angeles TimesThe Philadelphia Inquirer and The New York Times.

Since 2009 Johnston has taught the business regulation, property and tax law of the ancient world at Syracuse University College of Law. He previously taught writing, reporting and magazine writing at the University of Southern California and UCLA Extension. He has lectured on four continents about journalistic techniques, ethics, legal theory and tax policy.

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