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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Stand Up is a full length show featuring a comprehensive news recap and 2 guests almost everyday. We will talk about issues that matter to you, your health, the health of your family, community, country and planet. And we will try to laugh while we do it. The show posts Mon-Fri usually by 2am EST. Go to for more

Nov 29, 2019

Peter Coyote is an actor, activist, and a Zen Buddhist Priest who has been meditating for over 45 years. He has appeared in over 160 films and has voiced most of Ken Burns' documentaries. He is also my friend, mentor and teacher. 

Nov 27, 2019

I open with some news then get to Michael Cohen and Clint Watts. Not together though that would be cool

Joining me for a conversation today is a really smart fella who I first discovered on Twitter. I loved reading his tweets @speechboy71 so I gave him the strong Pete Dominick follow and did the thing where you click...

Nov 25, 2019

Thank you to all of the new subscribers on !! Episode 11 is with another one of my all time favorite voices Tim Wise

Tim is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States. He has spent the past 25 years speaking to audiences in all 50 states, on over 1000 college...

Nov 22, 2019

Maura Quint (@behindyourback) is the best. I LOVE talking to her about anything. She is smart,tough and very funny. Her re-caps of the debates should not be missed. Read it here 

We also talked about the stupidity of black friday and why experiences are better gifts than material things.

At 47:29 I tell a little story...

Nov 20, 2019

I caught up with one of your all time favorite guests at his lovely offices in Midtown Manhattan. We had a fun smart chat about why we act the way we do about investments,  Disney +, Electric cars and a little politics. 

Follow Barry on twitter @rithotz and check out his podcast 

I also shared some of your reactions to...