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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Stand Up is a full length show featuring a comprehensive news recap and 2 guests almost everyday. We will talk about issues that matter to you, your health, the health of your family, community, country and planet. And we will try to laugh while we do it. The show posts Mon-Fri usually by 2am EST. Go to for more

Jan 22, 2020

I some how kept adding guests to today's episode so I can’t narrow it down to just one question

Joining me today are legal expert Elie Mystal of the Nation Magazine on the first day of Senate Impeachment

Dr Ibram X Kendi of American University on his book How to be an Anti Racist

John Donvan of Intelligence Squared Debates previewing their next debate on Nuclear Energy where the motion is It’s Time to Expand Nuclear Power

And lastly I invited my wife down in to the studio to talk about teenagers and their soul destroying relationships with their mobile device

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