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Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

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Feb 24, 2023

Hello There! Today is a special Listener Spotlight. I have done this with almost 10 other long time Stand Up Listeners who I have gotten to know over the years. I think you will enjoy hearing our very personal conversation. 

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Matty C, or perhaps more formally, Matthew Carlson, is a musician, songwriter, and graphic designer from the heart of the midwest. 

He currently plays guitar and sings original songs in The Stick Arounds and Harborcoat. He was the frontman, songwriter and founding member of the Pantones for more than a decade. In a previous life he helped to start the East Lansing art rock band, Third Uncle. He also owns and operates Phonophore Records, a Michigan based indie record label.

Carlson has spent his entire adult life (30+ years, ahem) playing hundreds of shows, releasing dozens of recordings, directing/performing in live theater, running a non-profit theater group, organizing and booking charity & benefit events, creating and hosting a podcast (who hasn’t?), and working to use his creative talents to affect political change, and foster and nourish a terrific community in his hometown of Lansing, Michigan.

Carlson’s new project, ‘What Am I Making’ is a multi-layered effort that explores what it’s like to make a living, and a life, as an artist in the 21st century; Whether or not that matters to our society at large, and what it’s doing to our collective culture, both good and bad for creators and patrons alike.

The goal of the project is to create a space for deep discussions and explorations of why art matters, and whether we are treating it with the actual value, not the price tag, that it has for each and every one of us? Carlson has found himself well into middle age wondering what his work is worth in terms of both financial remuneration, as well as its cultural value. 

Combining essays, video clips, photography, design and podcasting, ‘What Am I Making’ is a personal journey of one artist’s quest for meaning, opportunity and purpose in a tremendously difficult economic reality for creators trying to break through the noise. 

Join Matty C as he dives deep into his innate curiosity, his passion/compulsion for creativity and finds incredibly smart and fascinating folks to talk about music, film, podcasting, comedy, philosophy, and why we need them in our lives. Oh, and we might very well discuss whether or not ham is an acceptable item to bring for group brunch at a friend’s house. 

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